Welcome to CampaignPilot

CampaignPilot is a full-service marketing platform designed to help small businesses create and market their next big promotion.

Build your promotional marketing content and web page.

CampaignPilot walks you through building professional content and websites for your marketing campaigns. In just a few steps you will be able to create social media posts, HTML emails, printable flyers, counter signs, and more.

Your campaign is automatically posted to multiple online channels.

CampaignPilot distributes your marketing message automatically, whenever you schedule it, to your numerous online channels. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, your app, and even your company website.

Customers can make purchases, fill out forms, or get more information about your promotion.

CampaignPilot builds a conversion-driven web page to promote your marketing campaign and manage your form, product listing, or event registration. Your customers can check out with multiple payment processors, including support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

You will get a detailed performance report for your online channels.

CampaignPilot will aggregate marketing metrics, including impressions and clicks, across your various online channels. There is also an order management section that helps with managing online sales and registrations.

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