foreUP Website Integration

This section describes how to integrate CampaignPilot with your foreUP website.

Integrations with CampaignPilot & foreUP Websites

There are a number of ways that CampaignPilot can integrate with your foreUP website. After you configure a few settings, you can:

  1. Automatically create posts on your foreUP website using CampaignPilot.

  2. Display CampaignPilot created events on your website calendar.

Configuring Your Website

You will first need to contact your account manager to enable CampaignPilot integration with your foreUP website. They will be able to update your website with the necessary plugin settings to enable CampaignPilot integration. You can use the chat bubble inside CampaignPilot to get in touch with your account manager.

Configuring CampaignPilot

Once your website has been updated by your account manager, you can continue setup in CampaignPilot.

  1. In CampaignPilot, click Settings,

  2. Select the General settings tab,

  3. Select the Basic Details section,

  4. Enter in your full foreUP website address in the Website Address box,

  5. Click Save Changes.

Next you can configure the Website Distribution Channel settings to further customize the integration between CampaignPilot and your foreUP website.

  1. In CampaignPilot, click Settings,

  2. Select the Channels tab,

  3. Select the Website channel section,

  4. Here you can obtain your website Integration Key, as well as fine tune how CampaignPilot interacts with your website.

  5. When you are done making changes, click the Save Changes button.

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