Configuring PayPal

PayPal offers a familiar, secure checkout for your customers when promoting your Sale and Event campaigns. To include PayPal as a payment option on your checkout pages, you'll need a PayPal Business account and a client ID to associate CampaignPilot to that account.

Provided below are written step by step instructions with screenshots for a simple setup.

Step by Step Instructions

1) Create a PayPal Business account if you do not already have one:

2) Log into your PayPal Business Developer account here:

3) When you log in you'll land on the 'My Apps & Credentials' section of your PayPal Developer account. Toggle over from Sandbox to Live.

4) Under 'REST API apps' click the blue 'Create App' button.

5) Enter in the App Name: 'CampaignPilot', leave the other settings as is and click the 'Create App' button,

5) On the next screen you will find your Live API Client ID. You will need copy over your 'Live' Client ID to configure PayPal payments in CampaignPilot.

6) In CampaignPilot you will paste in your 'Live' Client ID retrieved on the previous step into its respective field. Also, toggle the 'Mode' from 'Sandbox' to 'Live'.

7) Bonus Step (Not Required): If you'd like to set up a Sandbox app in Paypal for testing prior to accepting live transactions, simply repeat the steps above but in step #3 you'll select "Sandbox". You'll need to copy over your Sandbox Client ID into it's appropriate field in CampaignPilot. You then will toggle the "Mode" in CampaignPilot to Sandbox. Be sure to toggle the "Mode" back to live when you're ready to accept live transactions.

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