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Configure System Notifications

CampaignPilot can send out emails to you and your staff when something happens on the platform. For example when a form is filled out, or when a purchase is made, CampaignPilot can send you an email.

Configuring CampaignPilot Notifications

To enable notifications you will need to configure a few things in the CampaignPilot Dashboard.
  1. 1.
    You can access these settings by visiting Settings -> Other -> Notifications in CampaignPilot,
  2. 2.
    Next enter the email address that should receive the notification in the Recipient text box and select a notification Trigger. The trigger determines what notification will be sent and when. See the table below for more information on each notification type.
3. Finally, click the Add button to enable your notification.

Types of Notifications

Trigger / Notification Type
All Notifications
You will get an email notification for every notification type listed below.
Campaign Alerts
A quick summary of any campaigns that are scheduled for the next 24 hours. Useful for last minute reviews.
Monthly Performance Report
A quick summary report of the overall marketing performance for the previous month.
Form Submitted
Details when a customer submits a form.
Order Made
Details when a customer purchases a product.
Ticket Purchased
Details when a customer purchases an event ticket.
CampaignPilot notifications will be sent from [email protected]. You might need to add this address to your safe senders list to assure prompt delivery of your CampaignPilot notifications.