foreUP Tee Sheet Integration

This section describes how to integrate CampaignPilot with your foreUP point-of-sale and tee sheet software.

Integrations with CampaignPilot & foreUP

There are a number of ways that CampaignPilot can integrate with your foreUP point-of-sale and tee sheet software. After you configure a few settings, you can:

  1. Automatically create customers in foreUP captured from CampaignPilot form submissions.

  2. Market and sell any sales item in your foreUP inventory system.

  3. Sell foreUP passes and automatically issue them to customers in foreUP.

  4. Create foreUP online specials using the CampaignPilot Dashboard.

Configuring CampaignPilot

1. You can access these settings by visiting Settings -> Other -> Apps in CampaignPilot,

2. Next, find the foreUP app block and click the Configure App link,

3. Set the foreUP Software Integration toggle to Enabled,

4. You should see a notice your CampaignPilot account is not linked to foreUP. Click the foreUP App Store link to continue,

5. Your foreUP software should open in another tab. Log into your account if necessary.

6. Once inside foreUP, you should be taken to the App Store,

7. Find the CampaignPilot app icon and click it,

8. Click the green Authorize Integration button, then click Yes, Please on the popup window that appears,

9. You should be returned to the CampaignPilot Dashboard. You have successfully linked CampaignPilot with your foreUP point-of-sale and tee sheet software. From here you can configure additional integration settings.

Additional Integration Settings

In order for orders to properly post to your foreUP software, you will need to manually add a custom payment type to your business. If you do not add this custom payment type orders from CampaignPilot will not post.

  1. In your foreUP software, find the top menubar and select Settings,

  2. In the left sidebar, select Sales,

  3. Add a Custom Payment Type called 'CampaignPilot'.

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