Gallus Golf Offer Locker Integration

This section describes how to integrate CampaignPilot with the Gallus Golf mobile app Offer Locker feature.

Offer Locker Integration

CampaignPilot can sell electronic, single-use offers, that are delivered to your customers via the Offer Locker in your Gallus Golf mobile application. Using CampaignPilot with your Gallus Golf app is a great way to sell your products and services virtually, without requiring you to manually issue coupons and vouchers.

Configuring CampaignPilot

You will first need to configure CampaignPilot with some details about your Gallus Golf mobile application. You can access these settings by visiting Settings -> Channels -> Mobile App in CampaignPilot.

Campaign Set Up in CampaignPilot

1) Start building a Sale type campaign in CampaignPilot. Currently CampaignPilot can only integrate with the Offer Locker when you are building a Sale campaign.

2) On the Type of Sale Campaign step, select Sell Your Product with CampaignPilot.

3) Set up your voucher or offer details by providing a name and price. Then click on the Gallus Golf Offer Locker Integration link near the bottom.

4) Enable the Offer Locker Integration toggle. Then fill in the details of your Offer Locker voucher. The details you enter here will appear on the single-use offer delivered to your customer's Offer Locker after their purchase.

5) Finish the Campaign Wizard. Now when a customer makes an online purchase from this campaign, they will be issued a single-user offer in their Offer Locker.

Offer Locker Checkout

When a customer is making a purchase for an Offer Locker item, they will see a notice that the offer will be delivered to the mobile app.

Once the purchase is complete, within 15 minutes your customer will be issued an offer. The offer is issued to the Offer Locker with the email provided during checkout.

  1. This is the Offer Title from the Offer Locker Integration settings in CampaignPilot.

  2. This is the Offer Description from the Offer Locker Integration settings in CampaignPilot.

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