Configuring Instagram

CampaignPilot can post your marketing campaigns directly to your Instagram business account. To configure the Instagram channel with CampaignPilot you will need three main things:

  • An Instagram business account. This is just a type of Instagram account. Instagram offers personal accounts and business accounts. If your business was set up initially with a personal account we'll walk you through converting that.

  • Your Instagram business account connected to a Facebook page. You most likely already have a Facebook page for your business. That page needs to be linked to your Instagram account in order for CampaignPilot to publish campaigns.

  • Authorize CampaignPilot to securely access to your Facebook and Instagram account. This is the familiar oAuth workflow that is also used with Twitter, Google, and other channels.

Converting your personal Instagram account to a business account

CampaignPilot supports Instagram business accounts. If your Instagram account is configured as a personal account you will need to convert it to a business account before it can be used with CampaignPilot.

The following steps should be performed using a desktop web browser.

1) Visit using a desktop web browser and log into your account.

2) Click on your profile image in the top right section of the screen and select Settings.

3) In the left-hand column, towards the bottom, click the "Switch to Professional Account" link.

If the blue text reads "Switch to Personal Account" then your Instagram account is already set as a business account and is compatible with CampaignPilot. You can skip steps 4-7 and continue to the next section.

4) On the following screen, select Business and then click the Next button.

5) You'll see a short description about Instagram business accounts. Click the Next button.

6) Select a category for your business, then click the Done button.

7) You should see a short message that your Instagram business account is ready. Click the Done button.

Connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram business account

CampaignPilot posts to your Instagram business account using Facebook. You'll need to link your Instagram business account to your Facebook account in order for it to work with CampaignPilot. Admittedly it's a bit confusing but both Facebook and Instagram use a common API and credentials and require this workflow.

The following steps should be performed using the Instagram mobile application on either iOS or Android.

1) Open the Instagram mobile application on either your iPhone or Android device. Click on your profile image in the bottom right menu.

2) Click the Edit Profile button.

3) Find the Page section near the middle of the screen and click on the Connect or Create > button.

4) Click the Connect Existing Page link.

You'll need a Facebook page to complete this step. If your business does not have a Facebook page, create one before continuing.

5) On the following screen, click the Login to Facebook button.

6) Select the Facebook page that is associated with the Instagram account you are configuring.

Authorizing CampaignPilot access to your Instagram business account

Once you have an Instagram business account and that account is attached to a Facebook page, you are ready to complete the channel configuration in CampaignPilot. These last steps you'll need to take to configure Instagram with CampaignPilot is simply authorizing access to your account. This is similar to setting up other channels like Twitter and Google.

1) Go to the Channels tab under the Settings. Then click on the Instagram channel on the left-hand side. Finally click on the Authorize Instagram button.

2) A popup should appear to log into Facebook. Instagram uses your Facebook account to make posts from any other service like CampaignPilot. Log into your Facebook account.

3) Once you log into Facebook, confirm that you are accessing the correct account by clicking the Continue as (Your Account) button.

4) The next step will ask which Instagram business accounts to use with CampaignPilot. Check the Select All box and click Next.

5) The next step will ask which Facebook pages to use with CampaignPilot. Check the Select All box again and click Next.

6) The next step describes what access CampaignPilot has with your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Review this information and click Done.

7) You should finally see a message that CampaignPilot is linked to your Facebook acocunt (and your Instagram account). Click the OK button and after a few seconds you should be returned to CampaignPilot.

8) Once you've returned to CampaignPilot, click the Instagram channel on the left-hand side again. Double check that the correct Instagram page is selected.

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