Configuring Payroc

Payroc offers merchant services for various e-commerce needs. With Payroc you can provide a seamless checkout experience on your purchase and registration pages.

Once you have an account with Payroc they will provide you with login to the iTransact Gateway dashboard. You will need to access this dashboard to obtain your API Username and API Key to configure Payroc Checkout with CampaignPilot. Contact Payroc directly for helping setting up an account and obtaining your account credentials.

Obtaining Required API Keys from Payroc

  1. Log into the Payroc iTransact Gateway dashboard,

  2. Select the "Merchant Settings" on the top menu bar,

  3. Select "Integration" on the left-side menu bar,

  4. Copy the API Username and the API Key fields.

Configuring Payroc checkout with CampaignPilot

  1. From the top menu select "Settings",

  2. Select the "Payments" tab,

  3. Toggle the "Enable checkout with Payroc" switch so it reads "Enabled",

  4. Enter in your API Username and API Key.

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