General Settings

General settings adjust how your business is displayed on marketing content and landing pages.

Basic Details

The Basic Details section allows you to set your business name, email address, and phone number. This information is displayed on all landing pages. Your business name is also used when generating print and custom images for social media.

Business Address

The Business Address section allows you to set the physical address of your business. This information is displayed in print form and used to generate a map on your landing pages.

Location Settings

The Location Settings section allows you to configure any location information related CampaignPilot settings.




Used for campaign scheduling. Setting this to the timezone your business is in will assure your campaigns are published at the right time according to your local time.


This setting will affect how prices are displayed on landing and checkout pages. You should also adjust your Payment Settings to assure CampaignPilot is also charging customers in the proper currency.

Default Tax Rate

The rate entered here will be used to prime the tax rate when setting up products or event tickets. If you typically charge taxes, adding a value here will simplify the set up of future campaigns.

Tracking Codes

The Tracking Codes section allows you to configure different marketing and analytics integrations with your landing pages.



Google Analytics

Provide your Google Analytics "UA-" code. This will send standard Google Analytics data and ecommerce data to your property from your CampaignPilot landing pages.

3rd Party URLs

The 3rd Party URLs section allows to configure integrations with various third parties, outside of channel and payment providers.

3rd Party URL


Facebook Page URL

Enter the "Follow Us" URL for your Facebook Business page. This is used to display buttons encouraging users to follow you.

Twitter Page URL

Enter the "Follow Us" URL for your Twitter handle. This is used to display buttons encouraging users to follow you.

Booking Engine URL

Enter the full URL to your golf course's booking engine. If you don't have this, your booking engine provider can supply this. Providing this will allow you to embed your booking engine into landing pages (a.k.a. iframe).

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