Linking Instagram Posts to Landing Pages

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Instagram posts cannot be linked to a landing page. Also you cannot add links to Instagram post captions or messages. Here is a CampaignPilot post made to Instagram. When customers click on this post they will "like" the post rather than be taken to an event landing page.

To make the Instagram more useful for your customers, CampaignPilot creates an aggregate page of all your CampaignPilot posts. Anytime you post something to Instagram this page is automatically updated with your latest post. You can update your Instagram profile with the URL of this aggregate page so that customers can easily view the landing page for your latest post.

Once you complete the setup outlined below, when you publish a post to Instagram with CampaignPilot your timeline will automatically be updated with the post image. Again, clicking on this post will simply like it. However, users will also see a URL in your profile description.

Users can click on the URL in your profile description, and they will be taken to a branded landing page detailing the latest Instagram posts in your timeline. Customers can then make purchases and register for events directly from their device.

Setting Up Instagram

1) Log into CampaignPilot, and navigate to the Settings section.

2) Click on the Channels tab and then click the Instagram channel.

3) Once you have connected your Instagram channel, find the light-bulb text underneath the Unlink Instagram button. Copy the URL in green. You'll need this URL for a future step.

4) In your web browser, open

5) Click on your profile image in the top-tight and then click on Settings.

6) In the Edit Profile section, find the Website field. Paste in the URL you copied from the step prior.

7) Scroll down and click Submit.

That's it! Your Instagram users can now click on your profile description to view your latest sales and events.

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